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Gift Cards For The Boy

Posted in Parenting on October 8, 2014 by Luc

The boy received a number of gift cards for his birthday. Each had substantial amounts for an 11-year old boy. Within hours of having received them, he wanted to go and spend them. There was no plan. Nothing specific that he wanted. He just wanted to go out and spend.

This is…difficult…for me. Whenever I get a gift card, I usually have something I want or need. I plan ahead. If there is nothing I need or want in particular at that given moment, I wait until I do.

Now, I understand why the boy wants to spend his money instantly. I mean, he’s got a ton of cash just sitting there and he wants to get himself something. Instant gratification.

But I see what he has gotten himself in the past. Toys that we end up giving away months later. Pokémon cards that he looks at once or twice and then puts away never to pull out again. Memberships in online game sites like Club Penguin that he plays for a week and then doesn’t play again. It just seems like such a waste!

This time, I told myself I would try to prevent this. I really wanted him to identify a few things that he really wanted and then he could go and get them. For instance, he really wanted a new Pokémon game that is coming out in November. We agreed that he should keep EB Games gift cards until then. But Jen, at this point, intervened.

Jen raised a good point, in that the boy should be able to buy himself something if he wanted to. It was, after all, his birthday gifts. I finally relented. As long as he didn’t spend his EB Games gift cards. Happy, the boy went to get himself a Pokémon movie and some sort of stuffed thing from Walmart. I figure both things will be in the spring garage sale.

I guess I don’t agree at all with Jen’s point of view, but I do see that getting a gift card should be a fun event, and not a dreaded one. I just hope that the boy will understand the value of money soon!

See Jen’s point of view on this topic.

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