Exercise and Me

I’ve been procrastinating. Jen has been done her blog post on exercise for at least a week. I just started today. I think that sums up my commitment to exercise quite well actually. Hurray for New Year’s resolutions (see my previous post)!

Exercise means working out. It means working towards getting fit. It makes a lot of sense. It really does. Ultimately, getting fit means being able to do stuff, like climbing a few flights of stairs without looking like you just ran a marathon. It should be something we all do. Regularly. Every. Day.

BUT WE DON’T. I don’t anyway. I have grandiose plans. I research exercise plans. I get my monthly Men’ Health and totally commit to doing their monthly workouts. I get my basement ready. And then…

…nothing. I do nothing. Oh, I might do some exercise for a month or two. My record is probably six straight months. But then, I stop. I get injured, or I get sick, and then that’s it. The habit is broken.

It’s funny really. I have such willpower for other things. But not exercise. Despite my supposed rational approach to things.

However, I will try. I will get this thing going again, because I must. I don’t want to be that guy who can’t run for more than a minute or who can’t bend over to cut his toenails later in life. Do you think Jen would mind doing that for me?

Let’s see if she talks about it in her blog on exercise!


5 Responses to “Exercise and Me”

  1. Exercise bike. Combine it with watching/doing something.

    I had rigged up a keyboard mouse platform, optional consoles or a few episodes on Netflix. Worked out fairly well

    My problems are 2 fold. Kids are awake when I’m best fit for a workout. And with hockey 3 nights a week + an actual life, it’s hard to fit it in. Everyone has hobbies, for some it’s exercise. If it isn’t then they need to cut another one out.

    • Could’t agree with you more. I have the treadmill in front of the TV and that should be an easy thing for me to do. Put on a hockey game or an episode or Archer on Netflix and away I go. Now I just need to get it done!

  2. I’d be careful watching Archer on the treadmill, you might crack up a bit too much, lose concentration, fall off the damn treadmill and find yourself injured and unable to exercise yet again.

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