So there I was, happy…

Define happiness. That’s a tough one isn’t it? I think I’ve found the answer though.

I’m at my happiest when time flies by. I mean, really flies by. As in, you think it is about mid morning when in fact it is almost dinner time.

For instance, just this past weekend, I had to take down my shed. I had to take it down because the roof caved in over the winter. I could go on about the general suckiness of vinyl sheds, but this post is about happiness, therefore I will abstain.

Anyway, I took down my shed with the help of my son and eventually, the neighbour. Having taken down the shed, I noticed that the fence was now at a precarious angle (the shed was keeping it up, it seems). So, down came the fence. Of course, the fence had to be replaced, so off I went to buy some wood with another neighbour and proceeded to begin rebuilding the fence.

The point of this is that in my mind, I had done all of the above in only a few hours. Yet by the time I had installed the posts, it was past dinner time!

Time just flew and I came to realize that I loved it. I had a blast.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure if Jen was as happy as I was, taking care of the kids all day! Let’s find out what makes Jen happy by checking out her latest post.


2 Responses to “So there I was, happy…”

  1. So happiness is not thinking but doing. Living the moment. I think kids sort of force that on you, what with them having zero worries outside of ice cream flavor.

    Plus it took me 10 days to comment, so I guess I’m happy 🙂

  2. Valerie Says:

    I do enjoy when time flies by, but it stinks when you’re somewhere fun, like a theme park or family’s house; then you want to cherish the moments.

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