Favourite Moment of the Week

As a parent, I am often thinking that I am too harsh on my kids. It seems to me that I am always telling them not to do this, or to do that, etc. etc. I spend my life with them saying what they are doing wrong, as opposed to what they are doing right. Part of me thinks this is the right thing to do, as I don’t want my kids growing up to be coddled and incapable of dealing with the real world. But another part of me thinks I am too harsh and that my kids will grow up with low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

This is why, when the boy decided to sign up for baseball this year, I told myself that I would not be hard on him. He had played the year before, and could never quite get over the fact that a hard ball was coming at his face pretty fast! Therefore, I would be positive and that I would not lecture him. And yet, when we were practicing before the tryouts this weekend, I realized I was still telling him what he was doing wrong, as opposed to telling him what he was doing right. After the practice session, I made sure to tell him he had made great progress, and that he was going to do great at the tryout.

When we got to the tryout, off he went to his field (field is a strong word, it’s a dome to keep out the snow) and went through four stations. The first was pop-ups. When his turn came, up went the ball and…landed right in his glove. The second was hitting. They put the ball on a tee, and he did not miss once, hitting the ball solidly three times. The third was throwing a long ball. He nailed the throw two out of three times. The fourth was fielding a grounder. He missed it, but came really close to getting it.

The pride I felt at that moment was unbelievable. He wanted to do well, and he had done it. Was it because we had practiced and I had been hard on him that he did well? Was it because I had told him that he had made a lot of progress? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. He did what he did because he had it in him to do it.

This is what a parent should strive to do. To let their children do what is in them to achieve. Each child is different, and the same applies to all parents. Sometimes criticism is necessary, and sometimes encouragement works better. I just hope I can remember this when I’m called upon to be a parent again (should be in about five minutes!).

Have a look at what Jen’s favourite moment of the week was!


2 Responses to “Favourite Moment of the Week”

  1. melanielmajor Says:

    I loved reading this…

  2. Loved this post. It is such a fine balance between guiding, correcting, encouraging, lecturing, and praising – sometimes its absolutely impossible to know if you’ve got the balance right. I think all parents feel this way sometimes, but we don’t talk about it – so thanks so much for posting this.

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