How To Do Absolutely Nothing

At home, I am the king of doing nothing. Once Jen and I decide that we will be doing nothing, that’s exactly what I do. Doing nothing is simple, really. Here are my rules:

  1. Don’t vacuum
  2. Do read a book or the paper
  3. Don’t do the dishes
  4. Do have a nap
  5. Don’t tidy the living room (again)
  6. Do watch the TV
  7. Don’t dust or Swiffer
  8. Do play a PC game (or whatever game strikes your fancy)
  9. Don’t  plan the next week’s activities when your significant other is doing 2,4,6,8,10
  10. Do relax

Pretty simple, right? My son certainly has got this figured out, as does my daughter. Jen, however, has a different concept of doing nothing. To understand it, simply inverse the Do’s and Don’ts. I’m sure she will be sharing more of her concept of doing nothing with you in her own blog post. Make sure you go have a look!


One Response to “How To Do Absolutely Nothing”

  1. Hee — if only it was that simple. I’m just like Jen on this one – especially loved #9, if my husband DOES manage to convince me to sit on the couch, it’s no more than five minutes before I’m harassing him about future plans!

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