TV Shows for Kids: Pokewhat?

So today, we are writing about kid shows. Now, with a 10 and 8 year old, I’ve got some pretty good experience in this field. There is some true gold out there. Phineas and Ferb anybody?

But there is also crap. Exhibit A is Pokémon.  Let me run you through a typical episode.

Ash, the protagonist, is what is called a “trainer”. He walks around with his merry band of friends, looking for Pokémons to add to his collection and other trainers to fight against. He always has Picachu with him, his favourite Pokémon.

Now this is where it gets weird. He also has other Pokemons, but they aren’t as lucky as Pikachu. They get put in this little ball. Not sure how, because that ball is really small. They are only brought out when they have to fight for Ash. Once the fight is over, win or lose, back in the ball they go.

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

I don’t know, but I keep thinking of gladiators when I see that show. Essentially, Pokémons are slaves, right? Ash is the owner, bringing out his slaves for when he needs them to fight!!! Pikachu, then, has to be the head slave. That’s why he gets to stay out of his ball!

I don’t know about you, but I really hope that one day, those Pokémons rise up and go all Spartacus on that bastard Ash and the other trainers!

Now, of course, my kids think I’m the weird one. How could I not possibly like this show? They think it is great when he catches a new Pokémon. He really cares about them, they exclaim in disdain!

“Slavers!!!!” is my response. I’ve given up on the boy. He is completely corrupted. But I know my daughter can be turned.

Meanwhile, check out Jen’s take on kid shows!


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