Movies That Left A Mark

This week, we are posting about movies that stick in your head for years and years. Maybe it’s not the whole movie, but a particular part of it, or a line, that will live on long after you have forgotten important stuff like, for instance, the name of that person you met 10 minutes ago (kinda like 80’s songs where you remember every word, but can’t remember what you had for lunch).

Here are my top ten movies that left a mark, in no particular order, and without really thinking too much about it:

  1. Usual Suspects: I watched that movie a ton, but the line I remember the most and that really stuck with me is ­”The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is convincing the world he didn’t exist”.
  2. Dead Poets Society: Great, but sad movie. It really hit me hard. Still, who doesn’t remember Robin Williams yelling “Carpe Diem” at the class. Gold.
  3. Indiana Jones Trilogy: Made me consider a career in archeology, until I realized that as an archeologist, I wouldn’t be using a whip and a revolver while picking up hot chicks and fighting evil. Still, I find myself thinking about scenes from that movie from time to time.
  4. Star Wars Trilogy (original): Probably the greatest influence. With a name like Luc, it was, after all, my destiny! To this day, people constantly make references to it when talking to me: “Use the force Luc”. Never gets old…
  5. Superman (original): This movie made me fall in love with superheroes, and made me spend a bunch of money on comic books in my teenage years. So yeah, it was an influence for sure! By the way, I still love superhero movies.
  6. Silence of the Lambs: This movie scared the crap out of me. For years, whenever I was in a dark room or dark space, I would always imagine someone creeping up on me with those night vision goggles. Plus, I found out that Jen absolutely despises it when I say, “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti, ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff.”
  7. The Shining: Since I’m on the scary movie theme, this one certainly left an impression on me. Hotels, especially older ones like those built  by Canadian Pacific, keep me on my toes. I always wonder if those twins will appear in those long hallways. Brrr.
  8. Blackhawk Down: This movie left me speechless after seeing it for the first time. I’ve never been in combat, but that was probably the closest a film has ever come to representing the true nature of a firefight, according to some who have been there. It left me with an even greater respect for soldiers than before. Of course, it also left a bitter taste in my mouth, knowing the quagmire Somalia still is all those years later.
  9. The Hunt for Red October: A long time favourite of mine, I love how this movie captured the essence of the Cold War, albeit sensationalized. What marked me the most was the year it came out, 1989. It was the year the Wall came tumbling down, and the end of the Cold War. I still remember those years with fondness, thinking how lucky we were to be living through those times.
  10. The Running Man: Yes, a movie with Arnold. That movie, bad acting and all, was like a prophecy of things to come. A movie about a TV show taking prisoners and making them run through a deadly maze, it was very much a precursor of reality TV today. Of course, no one is dying in today’s TV, yet.

Honourable mention:

Up: For the first scene. It absolutely destroyed me. If you don’t know what I mean, watch the movie.

That’s it for me. I’m curious to find out what movies left a mark on you.

Check out Jen’s blog about the top 10 movies that left a mark on her.


2 Responses to “Movies That Left A Mark”

  1. Fifth Element. The ultimate adventure sci-fi.

    Big Trouble in Little China. The perfect B movie.

    Lord of the Rings. It’s almost sad how many times I have watched this. Everytime I watch it, I feel like a kid.

    Groundhog Day. One of the all-time best comedies.

    Goon. How can you not love this movie.

    Pan’s Labyrinth. I will watch anything by Del Torro and this movie is the best I’ve ever seen from him.

    Spirited Away. My daughter and I watch this a fair amount. “Chihiro papa”.

    There are dozens more on my list but these are the ones that pop to mind.

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