How to Shop for Men’s Clothing: A Descent Into Hell

Clichés and stereotypes are sometimes true. I am living proof of this. Let’s take, for example, shopping for clothing. Men, it is said, dislike clothes shopping. Well, I dislike it immensely and would avoid it completely if I could. It is also said that men typically don’t window shop. Instead, they go straight to their goal and buy what they need. Yep, that’s me. No question. Spending precious time shopping for clothes is like a short term visit to my personal Hell.

Jen, my lovely wife, learned this about me at a very early stage in our relationship. We weren’t married yet, and I needed a suit. I think it was for her graduation or something like that. Anyway, off we went to the mall in Orléans (Place d’Orléans). There were several men’s stores in the mall and we walked in the first one we found. Boom, I found a suit I liked within 15 minutes. I was ready to buy it right then and there. But no said Jen. You can’t buy the first thing you find. You have to compare to other suits in other stores. So off we went to 5 or 6 other stores in the mall and elsewhere. None of the suits fit me like the first one. So, of course, back we went to the first store and bought the suit I liked originally, several hours later.

The fact that I remember this event so well shows how much it affected (scarred) me. Despite the hours of walking around and trying out lots of clothes, I did benefit from one thing. Jen never again made me follow her way of shopping. (A little side note here: how is it possible for someone to walk at two different paces? Jen will walk at what she says is a good clip when we go for walks–ahem–and then ups the tempo to where I can barely keep up when shopping. I don’t get it).

Anyway, I’ve developed a shopping method which works very well for me. I don’t buy any new clothes for two or three years and then I go on one or two trips to various stores and spend $1-2k on everything I need. Then I’m done for a while. Of course, from time to time, Jen decides I need something, so she comes home with a golf shirt or something she thinks I need desperately. Usually it’s when she has reached the “You can’t wear that anymore!” stage. Currently, she is horrified with the condition of my underwear. I’m expecting some new underwear soon (I don’t know why, I find them perfectly comfortable). I have also come to depend on my Mom, who every year for Christmas gives me those really nice Hilfiger socks that last for years. Technically, I should say parents…but I know who does the shopping…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree n’est-ce pas Dad?

Now let me turn you over to Jen, who has her own perspective on shopping for men’s clothing!


3 Responses to “How to Shop for Men’s Clothing: A Descent Into Hell”

  1. Love it! Maybe Steve can take you shopping to Eddie Bauer with him sometime… 😉

  2. Kelly Elder Says:

    When I first met Eric, he had underwear that you could read the newspaper through, they were in such rough shape. He got upset when I threw them out as they were referred to as his “lucky underwear”. I told him that they worked and now he doesn’t need them anymore.

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