To camp or not to camp?

To some (most?) of you, going camping is a perfectly natural thing to do. The idea of going camping brings memories of swimming in a lake, sleeping in a tent, singing (drinking) around a campfire and burning marshmallows, does it not? Good memories, on the whole. This is the category I belong to.

But to others, this is not so. Camping is the equivalent of living off the land like you would see in a post-apocalyptic movie (see Mad Max or Book of Eli). Even if where you are camping includes an area with toilets that flush and showers that have warm water only five minutes away. This is the category Jen belongs to.

Thus, until very recently, Jen had never gone camping before. Ever. AND, were it not for the children, I do not believe she would have either. Ah children. They make you do things you would never have done before. Like clean up poop from the wall after they decided it was time to let go after you removed the diaper. Or go camping.

It was the children then, who so wanted to go camping, that convinced her to tag along. Not me. Heck, I tried for years to get her to come with me on camping trips. (Oh, I must thank my neighbours as well, who applied peer pressure, as they joined us on this trip.)

So she came, two weekends ago, to a lovely campsite on the St. Lawrence and watched me pitch the tent, looking on with dread at the thinness of the material, while wondering aloud about bears and twitching every time the kids got close to the fire pit, although there was no fire in it yet.

Soon enough though, Jen started warming up to the place. She pulled out her new camera, and started taking pictures. She saw the kids running around having fun, me and the neighbour guy having beers and relaxing and she and the neighbour gal having a glass of wine and chatting. Things weren’t that bad after all!

Ultimately, I think she had a good time camping. I’m glad she finally came out to find out what it’s like to not stay in a five star hotel. Now, do you think I can convince her to go canoe camping with me where there are no washrooms, showers or stores nearby?

Here are Jen’s thoughts on camping.


7 Responses to “To camp or not to camp?”

  1. Christina Says:

    You are on your own with that last request! I don’t think Hell is supposed to freeze over anytime soon!

  2. Kelly Elder Says:

    Good luck with that one. It took how many years to get this far? It’s like evolution- it takes quite a bit of time for the small changes to happen. However, anytime that you guys want to meet and go RV “camping”, I’m in.

  3. “Camping is paying way too much to pretend we are homeless”. I am soooo not a camper, but am impressed with those who can pull it off. It is just so much work! I am impressed Jen went for it and enjoyed it! Maybe I can figure that part out next… right now the idea of taking five children camping gives me chills.

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