My Musical Evolution

Alright, I’ve been trying to write a post on the evolution of my musical tastes and I have to admit, I’ve been struggling. I’ve started over about three or four times now, and I’m getting nowhere. So, I rage deleted my last draft and am starting fresh right here, right now.

I like music. Always have and always will. My struggles in writing about this topic do not result from not having anything to say, it’s about having too much to say. And a lot of it is embarrassing. I mean, some of the bands I liked, ouch. What was I thinking? But I will persevere nonetheless. Let me walk you through the decades and show you how I have progressed.


I was eight years old when the seventies ended, so music was not top of mind for me then. I mean, there was music in kid shows, and that’s probably what I remember the most from those years. Oh, and there was my parents’ music. They listened to Elvis. That was ok. They also listened to Roger Whitaker. That was not ok. Not ok at all. I still have nightmares of his whistling. All in all, the seventies were a write-off for me in terms of music. Because of the nightmares.

Summary of the seventies: Elvis = good, Roger Whitaker = bad.


Now we’re talking. This is where I awakened to the possibilities of music. This is also when I discovered that I was destined to listen to music, and not make music. My recorder sessions in grade 4 and 5 were no doubt torturous to my teachers, who nevertheless allowed me to demonstrate my complete lack of aptitude over and over again. By grade 7, after a spectacular failure playing the guitar in music class, I gracefully retired from the music business to applause from all.

Back to the possibilities. Having realized that I would not be the next Roger Whitaker (I also sucked at whistling), I turned to the radio. Soon enough, I discovered a love for all sorts of different types of music. I loved rock and quickly migrated to hard rock and heavy metal as my music of choice. Iron Maiden, Metallica, W.A.S.P. were staples of mine back then. But I also listened to softer stuff, like early U2 and The Smiths, and could probably sing along to most of the top tunes from 1984 on, French or English.

I also developed a love of classical music. I would pick up a series of books (The Belgariad, for instance) and play classical music while I read. I found it was like watching a movie, with the music often matching the mood of the book. Soundtracks were also great, and my friends and I would listen to them while we played role-playing games in a basement in Orleans. Heck, I even liked Gregorian Chant!

Summary of the eighties: Essentially, this is when I discovered all different sorts of music, and found I liked most of them. The only things I didn’t like was Country and Rap.  No sir.


The nineties were a weird decade for me. I was a grown-up. But there not much that I truly liked in terms of music. Sure, I enjoyed the grunge years (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) and Radiohead. But I turned from the present to the past, and discovered bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Who. I also stuck to my favourites from the eighties and allowed for some dance music to enter my life. Not much though. Just enough that it allowed me to meet Jen at a Dance Bar in 1994. Then I was done with it.

Forgetting my failure in earlier life, I also tried taking up the flute again. I bought this Irish tin flute in Ireland, and began practicing. With incredible stoicism, Jen tolerated the screams emanating from the flute until, mercifully, I decided, for the good of society, to retire once more from the business.

Summary of the nineties: meh


This is when I discovered the Blues. I really got into the Blues with performers like Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and B.B. King, to name a few. Other than that, I pretty much stuck to what was playing on the radio or on music from the seventies, eighties and nineties. I did NOT attempt to learn an instrument in this decade.

Summary of the 2000s: Blues baby!


Well, I’ve become a country bumpkin it seems. I have finally added country music to my repertoire of music I like. Not the old stuff mind you. Although there are some great oldies. I have also gotten into folk and bluegrass music. The only thing I can’t stand is the kind of music you find on iTunes at the top of the charts, by artists like Flo Rida, etc. Just not my kind of music.

Summary of the 2010s: still working on it. But I am thinking of picking up a banjo…

So there you have it. It’s been too long since Jen and I have posted. Speaking of which, she has also posted on this topic. Go check it out!


3 Responses to “My Musical Evolution”

  1. Christina Says:

    I love Roger Whitaker, even saw him in concert! Too bad you can’t whistle like him :-).
    Despite some of your past musical tastes…we love your play lists!!

  2. Macwicha Says:

    95 Nasty!

    It’s music that binds us all, isn’t it?

    Not W.A.S.P per say (though there is some truth there in our case) – I just had the urge to scream that one out. Great post!

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