The Viewing Habits of a Non-Typical Suburban Male

I don’t watch a lot of TV. The last series I watched faithfully was X-Files, way back in the nineties (I had a thing for Gillian Anderson). Even then, that was just for a few seasons, before the show got a little unhinged.

Maybe it has to do with my youth. My dad was the remote dictator. When he came down to the basement, he would grab the remote and take control. As soon as the show would cut to commercial, he would start channel surfing. He would go through all thirteen channels at least three times before he would come back to what we were watching, usually hockey, and the Habs had just scored a goal and were celebrating. AHHH! I missed my team score a goal again!!!!

In the face of such disappointment, I steered away from TV and into the arms of books and computer games (not a bad trade if you ask me). I’ve never looked back. But I occasionally go back to it, just for something different, when I want to relax.

Now, with a seemingly endless selection of channels, high definition or otherwise, television is even more prominent than it was when we only had thirteen channels. Mind you, I am not completely out of touch with the world, as I do realize that many prefer going to the Internet for their viewing pleasure, downloading or streaming shows from there.

But I’m kinda like a dinosaur in this, as I can’t be bothered setting up my computer so that it can talk to my TV so that I can watch a show that I may or may not like. I much prefer to simply surf the channels where I sometimes find shows that interest me, hoping to catch a good one. I’m lazy like that.

Like Jen in this week’s post, let me break down my viewing habits in handy,  easy to digest categories.

My Go-To Network

I have none. Let me explain. When I first got a digital box and saw that I had the History Channel, I was stoked. There must be documentaries galore! Twitching with excitement, I turned on the TV, entered the number for the History Channel, and was promptly greeted by the intellectually simulating Ice Road Truckers. Wow. What a letdown. I still haven’t recovered. But, if I was to have a favourite network, it would be PBS. Lots of quality documentaries.

Wouldn’t Miss It

I have none. Let me explain. Again. Absolutely every show that is on TV reappears on a channel somewhere at least 5 or six times a week. If you miss it, you will be able to see it again. Never mind the whole PVR thing (we still don’t have one). Even then, there is not a single show on TV that has managed to capture my interest, unless it is a documentary. I guess you could say that documentaries are shows I wouldn’t miss. But if I did, I could catch it again, later. For sure.

Like to Catch It

Have I said anything about documentaries yet? OK, yes. The other thing I like to catch is hockey. I don’t enjoy watching hockey game in and game out, but watching it on a Saturday night reminds me of when I was a kid and was allowed to stay up with my brother and dad to watch the game (despite my dad’s irritating channel surfing), eating chips and drinking a Coke (don’t drink Coke, it’s bad for you). Plus, the boy now likes to watch hockey with me, although I think it’s just an excuse for him to stay up!

Can’t Be Bothered

This is pretty much all shows on TV. Sitcoms, dramas and, my most hated type of show of all, Reality TV. I just don’t care about them. Not one bit. Although I will give a thumbs up to Big Bang Theory. That group of guys reminds me of my group of friends and me when we were younger, minus the mindblowing intelligence (except for one friend, who is a biomechanical engineer).

Guilty Pleasure

Old variety shows. There is nothing like seeing the Carol Burnett Show with Tim Conway making everyone laugh out loud, including the other actors. I miss those.

That’s it for me. Jen and I decided to do the same categories, although we have no idea what the other wrote beforehand. To see what Jen wrote, follow this link!


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