The Thing About Business Trips

Business trips are a funny business. They are great and tiresome at the same time. For one, it’s about business, not pleasure. Yet you get to go, at your employer’s expense, to places you would probably never get to on your own.

Let’s start with the positives. I love the anticipation of a business trip. Especially if it is somewhere I have never been. First off, it is a break from routine. The freedom of being able to break from your regular schedule provides me with a great sense of satisfaction. Then there is the notion of going someplace you have never been. Being able to see with your own eyes what you have only seen in books, on the internet or on TV/movies is always a bonus.

Now the negatives. Well, a business trip is about business. That means you are there to do work, not to go around doing touristy things. I certainly feel the need to provide a good return to my employer’s investment in me, who saw fit to send me out of the office. Also, family does not typically come with you on such trips. While you could say that family equals routine, I want my family to experience these places as well, especially if it is improbable that you will ever go there as a family.

Jen will probably write on the fact that she has NEVER been on a business trip, except the one time he accompanied me to Québec City many years ago…Sorry babe! In any case, here is my list of favourite places that I have been in my career, with a few words about each:

Labrador: Great place to visit. I went during the month of April, so the snow and ice was still everywhere. Our home base during our time spent there was Happy Valley-Goose Bay. We flew around the coast, visiting small communities. If you haven’t felt isolated, make sure to fly in a Twin Otter at 1000 feet, and watch the wilderness go by for hours without any sign of a town or hamlet. Pretty cool.

Québec City: Love, love, love this place. If there was another city I would move to, it would be this one. Le Vieux Québec is a great experience, and the feel of the city is, I don’t know, so welcoming. Maybe it has to do with me being French-Canadian and all…

Iqaluit: Now this city is something else. Located on an island, the only way to reach it for 10 months a year are by plane. Otherwise, the ice covers Frobisher Bay completely. The city itself is amazing. The houses are all built according to a specific code, as the ground becomes soft in summer and rock hard in winter. The craziest thing is the amount of cars. For a city that has no way in, or no way out, there are so many cars it is mind-boggling.

Yellowknife: Like Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Iqaluit, the city is an oddity. It just seems that there should not be a city so high up north. At least there is a highway going south! What I loved most about Yellowknife was the architecture in Old Town. Houses are built right on the slopes leading down to Great Slave Lake , giving them a very distinctive allure.

Washington D.C.: Now this is an impressive city. There is no doubt it was built to impress visitors. You certainly get the notion that you are in the capital of the most powerful state on the planet. Plus, you can walk to just about every major monument if you extend your stay for a day or two. Bonus is that the Smithsonian is free!

Chicago: I had read so much about this city that I was quite curious about it. I have to admire how easy it is to get around, if you are not afraid of walking. Although it does not have the amount of monuments to rival Washington D.C., there are plenty of things to do. This is where Jen would have loved to come with me, since the shops on Michigan Avenue are the same as in New York (I am told anyway, never been to New York).

That’s it. I have been to many other cities, mostly in Canada, but while I enjoyed them all, those mentioned above are the ones that have stuck out the most, in my mind. If I can find the time to add some photos, I will do so to add some pizzazz to my blog. I hope you enjoyed it!

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6 Responses to “The Thing About Business Trips”

  1. I forgot about Quebec City! How could I?!? It’s in my top five favourite places in the world!

  2. Well, Jen wins this war for me. I got bitter just reading over this list. GRRRR. 🙂

  3. I just wanted to come by and let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award! If you would like to accept you can read about it and see your nomination on my page 🙂

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